When We Look

Small are the openings
when the quiet good times
are where we look before we fall.
Everybody has a certain way
why they look, how they look
from the inside out,
even the flawed are all pretty.
Yesterday, when you actually looked,
taking the time to act,
like you were some-what interested
from the inside this time
you were pretty then too.
Maybe you’ll never fade before me,
let me know,
when you need more of me
before you let my hand go.
I could bankrupt that part in you
that asks in all the different ways,
I think I’m the only one
who would let you fall,
so I could land safely on top of you.
I swear when we swore,
we’d put eyes up into eyes
no matter how many hours it required
making up our near perfect plan.
Here we are today
with no room left on paper
it’s time we act
to let it all out and confess
love in front of strangers
they honestly don’t care
what fools we make of ourselves,
just as long as we move.

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