Cupid’s Warning

Cupid has made a final purchase
a state of the art bow.
This high powered beauty.
A bow that’s gaurunteed
to pierce through anything.
Anyone foolish to stand near him
will surely feel his arrow.
Especially that golden beauty
the one with the glamorous shine.
Cupid and his carbon fiber bow,
super lightweight and easy to load,
he can go all day
without ever getting tired.
He’s never missed his intended mark.
Bullseye there in the sweet spot.
You, with your tough exterior
be prepared to go down,
or are you already wounded?
No worries love,
we have a handful of extra bandages
sure to get you back on your feet
because this season is gonna hurt.
Love comes in different ways of course
don’t pretend this is nonsense
because some sit with envy
constantly looking over their shoulder
wanting the bouquet you now hold.

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