Love-Sick Temperature Code

From the inside
time settles and begins to count out loud.
This backwards counting clock
looking backwards, is not looking back.
Over a polished pristine shoulder
I know there’s no use in going back
there’s no hope in changing you.
So little sleep for now,
just tiny naps to keep us barely safe
far from a hallucinating edge.
It’s hard to remember how it felt
when we were struggling with fever
that out of control passion
gnawing at us like some hungry dog.
The misery when one is alone
there’s nothing left but to surrender,
give in and drink from the blessed cup.
Consequences can come tomorrow
a place that is so far removed from now
we’re young enough to not care anymore
happy to tragically die alone
to meet up in the afterlife.
Broken words are sung with sincerity
even if, half the words are forgotten
because we can’t quite remember
how love was to be truly played out.
We once swore to love and cherish
don’t worry about being pretty now
fall on your already swept floor
the razor sharp edges are dull now.
Crawl to your one true and safe corner
where you lie in order to hold hands.
I don’t mind if I’m beneath you
I’m here to always offer my shoulders
because I can easily carry you
wherever it is you need to go.

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