I can clearly see
where it is
you’re coming from.
You’re my one true hero
not some bitter man
that can’t let go.
I love when unspoken words
are truly left unopened.
I can’t wait to be picked back up,
so I can rest in your hands.
I close my eyes and wish on you, love.
Asking seems not to matter
I don’t mind being a fool
the others say you’re not coming.
I know how far I’d go
following you from town to town
asking anyone who will listen
if they’ve seen my hero.
You are my pretty man,
I might be asking for a miracle
please say you’ll come home
I can hear footsteps,
but even if,
I can’t tell if you’re approaching,
or leaving me again
I’ll stay right here.
It makes no difference
because heroes never chose
where they’re wanted most.
I can feel the power in hands,
this place next to me, extended
I’m taken, for now anyways.
I’ll be the better man
and be your hero
for a little while longer anyways,
until you find your footing
and become my hero again.

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