Time and Attention

The girl has spent weeks now

learning the new rules

with more of the lessons still to go,

it was time to show what she knew.

Instructions were as simple as

Time and Attention are yours,

unsure, but confident inside

in to the gathering she strode.

First, an older gentleman holding coins

asking her to choose,

with both his palms extended out

in one was gold the other silver

the girl thought for a moment.

She reached and took the silver one

and placed it in his pocket,

he wasn’t her one,

so the girl moved on.

A woman holding fruit in a basket,

“Please my dear, choose one.”

the girl went so far as to feel each one,

in the center a luscious apple

slowly bringing it to her lips

the girl watched the woman

take a bite from its center.

Time to move on

this beautiful man with stained fingers

she immediately stopped to proclaim,

“Yes, he is my chosen One!”

“Time and attention

“My kind Sir, is yours if you want.”

The above is Dominant/submissive lesson. I’d instruct; Tell me why the girl made the choices she did and would you make the same choice, why or why not. Write an email with perfect grammar and punctuation so that we may discuss.

The lifestyle is not always those stupid red balls in the mouth or barking orders at someone.

Enjoy Everyone.

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