Oversized Coat

Crushed black velvet
her favorite color
against her dark corduroy.
This oversized sweater coat
a double wrapped covering
around her kind of curvy waist.
Two very large buttons,
hide the girl
all hidden away.
First things first,
or her first expression to me
always making sure
“Are you ok?”
Dressed up tonight
against the bitter cold
biting ferociously down
taking pieces of her.
I’m jealous for sure
this one garment
hugging and holding tightly
to every part of her.
She asks,
Do you want to come
inside right now?
She and her double-sided words,
lay strewn all over the floor.
Her eyes wonder why
I question her meaning
when she asks,
if I’d like to come inside?
She reminds me
of an assassin
getting ready to leap.
I beg her
to play on
down this tepid path of hers,
she teeters,
almost forgetting
I love her
underneath her half smile.
She takes my sensitive arm
grabbing firm and hard
she’s mine.
This particular girl
who would rather freeze
in order to wear this coat
She would never volunteer
for an easier
chain of words,
tied tightly to her wrist,
as if she were blind
and needed a guide.
My beautiful stranger
is never alone
always getting offers
She’d prefer I just flirted.
Unsure how to navigate
especially at a time
when she’s had
way too too much to drink.
I honestly don’t mind
being her late night driver
keeping her arm
safely in mine.

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