20,000 Days

If in a day
I saw you love
I could easily pretend
to ignore your love.
Would you
continue to be
my one and only?
I implore you love
to choose your one,
either way,
just say the words
or remain silent
just as you’ve done.
I can very easily
remain in my world
simply to be a fool
and write how much
I love you.
I dare those words
come across your lips,
if truly,
you are the girl
I’m supposed to love.
I can easily pretended
to hold your hand
while dressing you
in the finest of clothing.
Will you deny
your eyes their look?
I say you will
remain all stoic
and brewing.
All of this
has been said before
I’ve done the math
close to 20,000 days
5,282 poems.
It’s just now
that I’ve properly begun
to access my handsome words
and maybe,love
may not be
for you.

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