The Beauty in You

Out on the couch
the fire is too hot,
she gives herself a toast
to new beginnings.
Her glass is full of ice
it’s there to cool
her temperamental side.
That side where,
she’s a seductive scientist
creating the chemistry
drawing me to her.
I owe her now
for putting these images
deep inside my mind.
she’s always so quiet
I honestly can’t tell anyone
how she gave me
this fresh set of eyes
where everything
is still so blurry.
She’s comfortably loyal,
she didn’t used to be
the girl who is happy
her color keeps changing.
This previous season
held her super close.
Available to love,
the choice,
has always been mine
to cut and bleed
or offer up a drink
a glass with ice.
Thirsty and wanting
the outside again
I can’t help,
so I fall in line instead.
Arms are set
for recovery
it’s always safe
to collide
alongside her.
Her beauty always wins
each and every time
I see her there
that super cute
tiny little skirt of hers
hands clasped firmly behind.
She’s so elusive
always trying to pretend
she has stopped
trying to compare
the blessings.
I’m not as pretty as her,
it’s easy to try
to love her,
at best
all one could ever expect
is to always say her name,
just before,
going to bed.
I’m too tired
to finish
what I screwed up
the first time.

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