Majestic Girl

Majestic and or otherwise
the girl listens to Jazz.
I stare and watch every move,
she lifts and tips her glass.
Nothing has ever mattered more,
so she acknowledges the moment
and blows a kiss at last.
I wait for her eyes to return,
she moves to the rhythm,
drawing almost too close at times.
It’s here she whispers
her favorite set of words,
it’s a double-sided question of course
asking if I want to...
Or proclaiming she would like to...
I want her more than anything else.
I swear to the love-sick Gods
thanking them for gifting this one.
The girl and her fractured treasures
a dimple compliments her pretty smile.
She’s truly my one and only.
Her beauty is easy to memorize
along with her sensitive charms.
I would easily accept her curse
pandemic or otherwise,
I’d spend every waking moment
sharing every breath with her.
There are no masks this time around
afraid I’d miss her perfumed body.
This, the majestic girl
who loves listening to music
has a way of infecting my world.
I can feel her body come closer
she asks for my answer,
I scooped her up into the air
not sure of her reaction,
my smile mirrored hers
she clutched even tighter.
The music stopped
we didn’t care
being void
of all the strangers.

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