When Strangers Meet

Her temperamental side
she looks and asks,
are we playing tonight?
From there it made perfect sense
I’d listen to every word,
coming from,
the world’s most perfect girl.
There in a doorway, she stood
with this hungry look
wanting to get started.
I was the only one invited
to join her make-believe world
we’d pretend we were strangers
meeting for the first time.
The girl and her wild side,
always trying to ignite me
in a way that gave her
almost all the control.
She’d dance heavily
with a stranger,
of her choosing.
I watched the unsuspecting one
turn to friends as if,
he’d actually won.
She glanced back
over naked shoulder
to see my tepid reaction.
She’d laugh and push
even harder still,
giving the stranger
more of herself.
Hands squarely on hips
guiding her closer,
she pushes back
checking my eyes as she spins.
The burning was definitely starting
the room had shrunk in size,
just those two,
in a sea of strangers.
With her arousal all satisfied
she dismissed her dancing partner.
To my open lap
she places a fancy kiss,
while locking arms
squarely around my neck.
She whispers her favorite words,
even I can’t believe
her special set of instructions.
Of course I’m paying
special attention now
we need to move on
hurry and get to our spot.
Underneath her moonlit room
she undresses
from her tiny little slip of a dress.
Naked in our room
I watch through a mirror
her cast silhouette
my trigger guide.
Slowly across every button
she peels the layers down
and from behind
she reaches through
putting hands on her curves
she tips my chin and asks,
“Are you better now?”

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