Phoenix eyes,
staring at her prize
she and her narrowly focused gaze,
just ready to fight.
Flames or otherwise
this girl will rise
letting all the pain fall
a victory will heal
her singed wings.
I was the one
who pushed you to fly,
now show us,
the strength you hide inside
you’re our majestic bird.
Pick up your focused eyes
and share the world with us again.
Every tilt of the camera
bringing your magic back.
The rebirth of our Phoenix
this newness has seen
a growth in you.
Let sorrow fall by the wayside,
maybe this time
make the others wait their turn
you’re not here to serve them.
You’re our Phoenix!
Let the smoke and flames
guide that driven side in you.
I’m screaming at the girl
to get up and take flight.
Take chances again
let our eyes
view you again,
before time actually erases
the hope we hold in you.
Rise Phoenix,
One last time,
dive into the ashes
reclaim confident you.
I promise to be
the first one to fall
on broken knees to palms
and pray to you.

4 responses to “Phoenix”

  1. Unfurled wings
    Lighting night sky,
    she flies
    among the stars
    her trail
    leading to
    Saturns rings.
    there her
    rebirth begins
    as Jupiter
    wills her
    her eyes
    carry a new
    fire within
    them, seeing
    beyond today.
    Again in her
    an ember
    grows, feeding
    her passion
    for loving

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