The Battle Rages

Inhale and holding
the thick smell of smoke
surrounds and engulfs,
just as the battle rages
a second day of violence
draws everyone to their places.
We’ve come together
to take and overthrow
we’re set to capture
because I’ve grown tired
waiting on you.
If this were
some other time
we’d already be
in the fight
for our tepid lives.
When I close my eyes
I can only see
the two of us
drawn out in rage
on the battlefield
the one place
we’ve always belonged.
Fight alongside my side
protecting that part
I can’t quite accept.
You are my War hero
getting stronger
with every strike.
Cover me up
shield me from
their screams.
You’re the love
of my life
out on display
on the battlefield.
When you’ve conquered everyone
I’ll be the first one
to lay down
the beautiful weapon
you gave me as a present
and kneel.

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