The Message

The temporary mark
written across the sand
fighting the crawling waves,
pulling and reaching
with each hungry grasp.
Endemically eroded away,
the shoreline begs
for someone to scrawl
their name or
some gigantic heart
claiming the day
to be exclusively theirs.
The familiar sounds,
the surf crashes and
it’s almost too cold
to actually go play.
Promise you’ll ignore
the undertow
and go for a swim.
Cut through the surface
dive under each wave.
Lay on your pillow
floating weightless
adrift in a different way
contrast the sunset
way out there
our tiny little dot.
The news came today
you’re lost at sea.
The girl we once knew
probably fought
against every rogue wave.
It’s hard to imagine
why anyone
would go out swimming
especially when
the beaches had been
closed due to storm.
Why would anyone
trust that water?
Especially when
everyone she’s ever known
has drowned
under the weight
of that heavy surf.
I stand here
on the shore
too cautious
to get too close.
I’ll put these words
carefully on paper
and throw them out
in that angry sea.
I hope the girl
is out there,
and gets this
message in a bottle.

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