This Little Song

I decided today 
I’d write this little song
for the girl I love most.
Maybe she’ll never hear it,
maybe it’ll make her smile
thinking how I feel
she’ll want to hear more of it.
I’m all stupid inside,
drawn to a girl
to her talents and charms
balancing on a wire,
a tightrope way up there.
She’s probably more than my hero
balancing way up there.
Yeah, she’s the one
I can count on
when most others won’t
put forth the effort to add on.
She’s sensible and pretty,
and one of those attributes
really don’t matter,
just as long
she can hang out a while.
Whenever I’m around her
my eyes get all full
I fall all blind
I really can’t help myself
using my hands to see.
This poor girl
having to put up and deal
with these poems.
Maybe this song of hers
will make us millionaires
and in the end
she won’t mind
if I keep up
writing exclusively
about her.

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