Little Song Part 2

The girl asked about this
“Little Song”
that I promised
I’d write for her.
She wanted to know
each little verse
and if I really would
sing every word.
She asked what instrument I’d use
to accompany my voice
to this, little song.
The girl and her charms
I said I’d start there,
or somewhere in between
the love she shares with me.
I start on the guitar
here’s her song

My Hero

I can’t help but think
you’re the girl for me
I’m just half the man,
until you’re by my side.
You’re my hero,
my little guide
with these superpowers.
You don’t seem to care or mind
when my arm is draped
across your shoulders
we just fit in a way.

My hero
my pretty guide
sensible or otherwise
it seems I’m taken
by your sweet glow
when your eyes
fall in to mine.

My hero
oh hell no
you’re that other half
saying the things
I can’t quite bring
myself to say love.
This line of mine
I’m trying to get out
so I can use my
six foot five frame
to stand tall.

My hero
you’re about the only one
to ever understand
this part of me
that gets all flooded
all trapped within.
You’re not here to judge
it feels like
you’re one big ‘ol dream
that keeps getting tender.

My hero
maybe you’re my surprise
that feeling I get inside
opening the biggest thing
one man could ever think.
You keep giving more
I see all the little things
you do love
without ever expecting
any payback.

My hero
I’m not sure I’ll ever find
a girl like you, love
especially when
I go on writing
songs and poetry
for a girl
that’s nothing more
than my one and only.
You’re the kind of hero
that will listen to this song
and make it your favorite.

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