Don’t Be Silly Grace

You asked if you could 
love me anymore?
What a waste of time
to ask such a thing.
I dare you Grace
do whatever it is
you think you believe.
I already warned you.
Love or otherwise,
you decide,
if you’re ready to risk
Me not returning those words.
Let your feelings out
it doesn’t matter much if
they match mine exactly.
I’ve never seen her smile
as wide as when I landed
squarely in her face
inhaling her made up perfume
mixed from all her exotic oils.
Happy Grace, of course I love
I paused and watched her eyes fall.
It’s what I whisper now
tucked up and from behind
next to her better place
so she can clearly hear me
say her favorite things.
I promised then,
I’d only say them to her
towering high over head
love comes in waves
flooding her world
making it ever so hard
to properly breathe.
Try and lift your chin
above the highest watermark.
Just as the first words come
she lifts her chin and
does this thing with her eyes
giving this hypnotic look
she’s threatening me
I’d better not stop.
Whatever song I was playing
always seems to be the perfect one.
We’re all caught up and mixed
I push harder because
with each new hard syllable
her wanting grows.
She inches forward and rocks
and then jumps on top.
Gone is that nervous grip
her flawless manicured fingers
take on the reigns.
Straddling, slowly at first
hips writhe and slide forward
up and back through each valley
she’s truly riding bareback.
My expert rider
with hands still free to roam
she cups and holds
drawing eyes to her steady moves.
There are no words anymore
riding comes second nature.
There in her favorite position
that smile returns,
just as she presses down
firmly down in one place.
Grace lands the jump
she turns for a second pass
the gallop quickens
she squeezes with her knees
and then all at once
she’s completely relaxed
floating while riding the wave.
Yes, of course Grace
I love you,
just as I smack her ass
she falls forward
both arms draped over
breathing hard and heavy
she mouths,
“Again please.”

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