The Shelf Up There

Putting the girl
way up there
high on a shelf
I know I could
keep her safe
from falling off.
I’ll just love her
24 hours a day,
the girl way up there
who’s constantly on display.
It’s hard to explain
how it feels
admiring someone
who gets all this attention
every second
in every day.
She doesn’t mean to be
a distraction,
maybe all these words
are just filling her head.
I can’t help but
shower her with intentions
when she shares
her hard toned curves.
Only she knows
exactly why though
I’d carve all this time
making things
exclusively hers.
The girl
and all her charms,
she’s obviously more
than a pretty face
my odds of one in a million
she’s my perfect one.
Especially when
she’s all curled up
on this,
the shortest day of the year.
Tonight we searched
for the “Jesus Star”
the brightest thing
in the sky tonight.
Impossible because
she was standing here
right next to me though,
singing the words
to our favorite song.
With no real choice
we spun out
underneath the sky above
in uneven circles.
We fell off the edge,
and waited to see
how the other would react
to the broken little pieces
scattered between us.
I love you Grace
there’s no use
hiding this secret now.
Today when you showed me
just how quick
your love can infect,
almost instantly,
my breath was stolen away.
It’s going to take
a lifetime to recover
soon I hope
you’ll come down
off that shelf
way up there.

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