Beauty in You

Strung out,
it’s getting harder
to deny certain feelings.
Good knows I’ve tried
a thousand different ways
to block and avoid
those private pictures of you.
The visual trigger in me
you’ve squeezed me
almost too perfectly.
Eyes stare up into eyes
this little gift of yours
where you magically know
exactly what’s going to touch me.
Beautiful you,
you’re somehow growing in me.
That goodness in you,
you’re constantly displaying
means more than anything physical.
I’m learning to be like you,
it’s true you know
how they say
imitation is flattering.
You’re purposefully
putting yourself
out in front of me
next to my broken side,
curled up super close
to the point where
I’ve memorized
every inch of you.
The smell of your love perfume
drawing me up,
even closer still,
I get all protective
yeah, you’re the girl after all.
Glitter on the skin
you’re all over me
you sparkle and shine
under certain lights of course.
I swear,
I’ve never had this part before
where my world
has been this upside down.
You’re some sort
of love-sick potion source.
Ground zero girl
I’ve been trying to avoid
the cure because
I’d rather be infected by you.
I honestly don’t mind,
having you,
course through my veins.
I curse the Gods
for taking so long
because every minute in every day
I crave the touch in you.
You’re becoming more
of a need than want,
I can promise you now
you’d never miss out
on all the golden treasures,
just as long as you promise
never to change
that beauty part
buried in the center
of you love.

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