The Burden is Hers

These are the hours
where beauty reigns.
Treasured bodies
carried out in a way
where passing glances
compliment her look.
She’s the girl,
who seemingly has it all,
and yet, she’s fatally flawed.
She passes each and every day
with the same attention
and attraction to detail.
Try and count
the familiar faces.
Beautiful Grace
is Beauty’s Burden
she swears she has no idea
what it means
to press her luck.
Going even further than that,
Grace can’t forget a face
or the words in a conversation.
She’s just in time
to identify the man
being held against his will.
She’s 100% sure
she’s seen his face before,
just before he turns
and says they’ve never met
she repeats their conversation.
Prolific Grace,
has supported her claims
of knowing every face.
Every person I point out
sure enough, she knows their name.
Photographic or otherwise
Grace’s mind is constantly at work
without ever realizing why
she’s committed these people
to her working memory.
I sit amazed,
thinking of her burden
remembering every tiny detail
the minutia just adds up.
Details never escape
her mental grasp.
Grace apologizes
if she’s offended anyone
remembering every word
that’s ever been whispered.
Does this mean
she’s never wrong?
Imagine the conversation
she repeats word for word
it’s impossible and real.
Grace just begs
to simply be forgotten
and not remember
every single word
for word
for word.

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