Love In And Of Itself

Every opinion
every lyrical poem
the words are the same
about this girl
I’m all hung up on.
Holding hands
I’ve gotten used to
how it feels
or how it felt
when we’d spend all day
cupped and lying on top of
love in and of itself
has to be enough.
We can easily spend hours
keeping to ourselves
never missing out
on the wanting.
Maybe today might be
on of those days
where we miss out on nothing.
It’s serious
this love of ours
we keep hidden away,
just this morning
she crept up close
whispering trigger words.
Her silhouette moving
in the mirror in a way,
hips sway,
to the round hoop on hips.
Eyes fall and catch up
it’s easy to watch the girl
right now against
a new year
where we’re forced
to stay inside.
She and I
the key and ignition.
My face lights up,
she plays with my skin
softly on fingertips,
sure, I want to do it
exclusively with her.
A thousand different ways,
just this girl
and her secret recipes
impossible now to duplicate
I can’t remember
to make mind my up.
Focusing on her side hip
she hooks with her leg
all the edges are
smoothing out.
It feels good
doing it with this girl
steady keeping pace
the girl stumbles forward
on knees and palms
and then she looks
there in front of her
the morning takes all day
to finish up.
Love in and of itself
is worth giving
especially when
you find the one
that’ll just show up
and ask to be kissed
behind locked doors
she’s free
to give herself
to her one
she looks up to the most.

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