The high road,
leaving everything standing
walk away touching nothing
a ghost in the shadows
leaving untouched love
to simply fade away.

The low road,
complete destruction
nothing left standing
the sins left bleeding
every door slammed
the earth void of all existence.

Choose one of two paths
maybe a mixture of both
pick one good feeling
and it’s equal evil twin
meet somewhere in the middle.

Make living about today
be the best you know
and that might mean
you’ll have to bite that tongue.
Ignore the little things.

Trust that voice will return.
Walk slowly at first,
eventually you’ll pick up and run
freely spending the nights
in that belly laughter
you’ll figure life out.

These are your big moments
you’ll show us your strength
the reason why
we looked in the first place.
Today might seem all burned,
tomorrow newness returns
it’s right over there
waiting to be discovered.

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