Here to Swear

Oh how I think I know
I’d never betray the night
innocent mistakes I’m sure.
It’s true you know
there are seven sins
deadly or otherwise,
we could hide under mask
pretend we’re all protected
play it safe and
ignore all the warning signs.
Do you want to gamble?
We can agree on an amount
pay that price tomorrow
let’s assume for today
we’re free to indulge
everything else
being the same and equal.
We could very easily
be each other’s naked fool.
Why not pretend
we think we know it all
with our tone bodies
some say after all
they are our temples
the ultimate equalizer.
Let’s make a day-promise
we’ll forgive and erase
covering our mistakes up.
She goes first
squaring herself,
hands centered on hips
she motions me to join her
I’m centered exactly like her
she instructs,
“It’s critical
we jump straight forward.”
With hands in their
praying position
I’m in an empty room
asleep and dreaming
when I hear her voice
trying to wake me
I’m here to swear
she whispered my name.
I heard her say,
I leapt up and answered,
“I’m here.”
Repeated it twice,
“I’m here.”
No one answered back
I’ve been thinking of that voice
why did she wake me?
A sign perhaps?
Almost all day
nothing feels comfortable
I swear
I heard her voice.

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