Public Wall

 I keep adding on
the words go against the hours
they compete with each other.
Time and attention
something we’ve always sworn
we’d give one another
focus that stare for me
promise you’ll use the words
that trigger the things
that draw us close together.
Lay the perfume on thick
even if that’s the only thing
you wear from now on
that scent of yours
my memory guide.
Hands can’t ignore the pathway
full of carrying
priorities favorite things
they hold onto everything.
Yesterday you wore
that combination
I noticed the time it took
how much you care and love.
There is enough for everyone,
still, you chose just one.
May I suggest,
you take a second
indulge the sense of self
give yourself a good talking to
convince yourself
you deserve to be loved.
I could write a thousand poems
and still, some words are missing.
Attention is a strength of yours
I’m learning to be less selfish
it’s hard to do and
I can see you smiling
reading this admission of mine
that I’m sure I’ll take down.
Today I promise,
to do something
exclusively for you.
The hour is still early
so when you wake
and find these words
scrawled on a public wall
know that
I love you.

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