Big Dreams and the Sun

Big dreams, 
they’re just around the corner
this feeling
when I’m all high
heavy in my thinking.
I’m in love with a monster.
What’s the difference?
Today could always be
so much worse.
I could write something
all pretty and forgettable,
but why pretend
time is so different
especially when my mood
is all dark and brooding.
I’m in my early morning ritual
uncomfortable in my own skin
writing about feelings
I know you crave just as much.
I itch to be loved
maybe some other time
I’ll let you
use those fake nails of yours
run them up and down my spine.
I can’t help myself
when I’m this stuck on you
even I know it’s stupid
most all the time
I try to take care of myself
it would be all too tragic
to actually bother you.
Busy in your other life,
I understand,
where I need to go
it’s so hot there though.
I’ll keep my mood out the way
waiting for the sun to come up
warm me and erase this mood.
I can’t promise
I’ll be all quiet
until then.

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