Time and Addiction

Today it rained
for the first true time
in more than a century.
Oh how I’ve counted so,
as I pull and pluck each petal.

It’s been longer still,
since I’ve seen that smile.
That beauty shot
that comes so naturally.
Perhaps she loves me, still.

Against all other chances
say what it is you feel,
what you truly want to remember.
Use your stylized words
Oh dear, she loves me not.

In her best
fake and distant accent
I just want to hear her
repeat every word.
Of course you’re loved.

My memorized prayer
where I’ve substituted your name
and these are the places
that trigger devotion.
I know you cannot love this way.

So I’ll chant
and or otherwise sing
to mark the next tomorrow,
excuse my celebration
let love rule this hour!

I rejoice at this new chance,
yesterday my lonesome stranger
Time and its addiction pass,
just she steps forward
with flower in hand.

So poet,
you want my answer?
Against love
and this ridiculous flower.
Keep in mind,
my decision is final.

And with that
she whispers her words

4 responses to “Time and Addiction”

  1. she tilts her head
    just so, thus
    exposing that
    vulnerable side
    He enjoys
    savors His words
    sweet as honey wine,
    closes her eyes
    Envisions the garden
    she’s unearthed
    the wishing bowl,
    inscribed within
    rest His words
    entrusted to her
    centuries past,
    leaning closer
    they echo
    bergamot and sage
    fragrance fills the
    air, she sits on
    bended knees reads
    she pulls the
    petals one by one,
    placing them
    within the bowl
    only one remains
    holding it between
    her palms, raising
    it slowly to her lips
    kissing it gently,
    whispering softly,
    Feirin, my love
    has always been
    yours to take

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