Bright Stage

Maybe I did
place you
way up there
when I put your head
up in the clouds.

I get it
it’s hard
to breathe up there.
Not to mention
trying to be all
most all of the time.

So You fell yesterday,
I’m here aren’t I?
Trying to pick you up
and place you
right back
up there.

Why can’t you
you belong there
up in the clouds
where you are
all loved on.

It’s a bright stage
so what?
You can handle this
I’ll find someone
to dress you
apply the makeup
whatever you want.

I’m not the only one
trying to lift you
to that place
where you’ve never been
this popular.

Why can’t you get
we need you
back on that stage
to perform?
We’ll pay
any price.

Ignore the rest
they’re just jealous
you know you’re prettier
have a bigger chest.
You love it
when they turn
and look up
in your direction.

It’s hard to see
that glowing charm
when you’re down here
intermixed and mingling
with the rest of us.

I promise
if you go back
take your proper place
we’ll cherish you
your popularity
is sure to explode.

Just imagine
the millions
of followers
that will flood and
be at the foot
of your stage alone.

Just sit there
do your act
give them
what it is they want
you made this promise
when you decided
to sell yourself.


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