Upstart Garden

Time and attention,
two very sensitive conditions
shine when you’re at your best.

I swear and promise
we will share and balance
the start of all this.

I’ve been meaning to write
about a pristine garden
where we plant and make rows.

Spend the hours with me
learning how to properly tend
all the lovely gems.

There are tiny details
I hope you see
the larger story now.

Come lay with me
smell the different flowers
recognize how to prune.

There are certain hours
we’ll walk barefoot
under the neon glow.

Avoid love
hold hands tightly
jump over pitfalls.

We’ll soon start to learn
our own unique language
spoken by the ancients.

Let me teach you
how to safely clear overgrowth
an empty pallet awaits.

I can’t wait to discover
the hidden thorn
held tightly behind the back.

Here we stand
against our cancel culture
will you jump?

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