There in A Garden

These are new coverings
with open hands to palms
I invite one closer.
Step to the locked
foreboding gate.
the beauty anchor,
begs to be taught
the rules of this garden.
With stained-glass darkness
the brilliant sun illuminates
her shimmering eyes
for the first real time.
She asks for more words
explaining this place,
its well worn paths
that lead to favorite flowers.
She has simple wishes,
to be admired,
like the scent-less blossom
sprayed with Kai perfume.
Scent, her first lesson
our trigger source
she’s handed her very own bottle
of the cherished aroma.
We step to the next display
a sunlight-craving climber,
the wisteria vine
that begs to be noticed.
Grace is handed
a see-through blouse,
just as coastal winds
make the ideal photograph.
Standing against the railing,
Grace steadies her balance
she can’t help but stare
the bees and their feeding,
by instincts alone.
They search feverishly
coating their tiny bodies
in nature’s golden pollen.
Grace offers her demure wrist
a most delicate of bracelets
magically ties her
to this magical garden.
You can see true happiness
all lined up in her eyes.
Grace cherishes the offerings
looking over shoulder
she privately whispers,
“Blessed are these remedies
I promise to protect
my time here
in the garden.”
There as the sun settles
Grace steps forward
slowly accepting
the moonlit sky.

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