Can We Kiss Please?

She asks to kiss her please,
of course I oblige
because I adore my place
there on top of the world
where I can pick her up.
She’s always so surprised
I’m that much taller
her feet are up and lifted.
There’s something pretty
about being above everyone else,
it must mean, she loves.
I can see she’s upset today
tired of trying to tie the ends
making ends meet.
In other words,
life is just simpler
when she asks to be kissed
and of course I oblige.
She just wants it to be safe
to sink in my arms
told things will be ok.
It’s more than all that, really,
because not just anyone
would ever be allowed
to kiss her this way.
She’s deadly private
superstitious in a way
I think she’s carved my name
in that old oak tree
buried deep inside her.
I honestly don’t mind
picking her up
I understand her thinking
where lips barely touch.
She just likes knowing
someone will come running
when she asks
do you
want to kiss?

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