Is it so strange
to be in love
with an idea of a person.
It’s a stunning high, really,
because when that one
trips clumsily,
it’s easy to reach
and help them.
The service award
wanting the pleasure of others
I could go a lifetime
passing up the high
of knowing something different.
Bless the first times
meeting the one
who causes this drowning.
There are innocent accidents
so many new things to try
down and underneath
we know this is working
when we start to speak
this silly language.
There are a handful here
that understand every word
I wish to have your audience
we could share and take turns
reciting the words in titles.
The morning is our dark friend
some try an avoid her
staying up all night
reversing the sleep cycle.
Everyone changes,
still, there are the devoted few
that demand a poem
to keep their minds distracted,
keeping just busy enough,
in order to delay
the start of another
real day.

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