I’m lost inside 
maybe because of you.
I don’t understand how
everyone else has found a reason
to find themselves
a way to get out.
I’m here to proclaim
I’m lost worse now,
than I’ve ever been before
I laid eyes on yours.
Even when I heard your name
I simply turned to watch
to see how you’d answer
you noticed me staring
and it was over.
Maybe that’s why
I decided to sign the deal
fall apart inside myself
to deny the others their chance.
It really doesn’t matter
I understand my free trial
will last a lifetime now.
I want time
to be exclusively yours,
we can spend the extra hours
letting time pass us by.
You’re the real reason
I ever fell in love
the color of your laugh
the attention was blinding
every thought consumed.
I can’t seem to cancel
this contract of yours
the one where you promised
this limited deal
would never expire.
Will you come save me
take away all denial
I promise to pay your price,
as long as you’re loyal,
promise never to break down.
I’ll even get the extra warranty
as long as you swear and promise
you’ll simply love me,
for being me
and taking a chance
on your free trial.

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