Colored Rain

The mixing of colors
we love walking barefoot
holding tightly to hands,
even as she leans on me
to steady our path.
Beneath this rich burning hour
naked neon colors glow,
both our bodies look so different
painting tiny pictures on curves.
We dance naked this way,
for a while until,
someone yells to cover ourselves.
We laugh until it hurts
we’re probably in a mood
we cannot get our fill
sipping on the visual cues.
In this way, I am all male
the triggers are visual
I can watch her for hours
stumble in her unsure way
only to find her footing
back to me.
I’d be the first to say
let the colors bleed
wherever they appear.
The city lights are blurred
slanted rain on our windshield
reflecting her pretty smile.
We drive going nowhere because
we love the sound
the rain makes.

4 responses to “Colored Rain”

  1. You make me want to start my anonymous second blog/site again… Truly inspiring my other sides, Jeffrey. ❤️ A very memorable Friday night; I’m so glad I gave you a piece of it.

    Liked by 1 person

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