My Mirrored Soul

Waiting for that soul
that mirrors my own.
Maybe this constant wanting
is my own vanity.
The pretty and perfect side
never had a real chance.
So inside I reflect
never wavering from that promise
waiting on that soul
that mirrors my own.
This constant looking
has caused me to notice things.
Only a fool would waste a lifetime
on the hopes of a far off chance.
And in there lies the awful beauty
trust in your inner voice.
There are far off worse things
at least this takes very little effort.
Besides, watching the others
they’re mostly void of written words.
They communicate in little bursts
through snapshots they talk.
Perhaps my method is madness
the doubters are wrong.
I truly believe
I’ll awake tomorrow
and that person who mirrors my soul
will ask of me,
what’s taken you so long?

5 responses to “My Mirrored Soul”

  1. Yay! So glad! I’d give that one a like that you just wrote, but I have a daytime reputation to uphold. 😉 I find myself addicted to the narrator’s addictions… I’m not one to hang on to every word (kind of a literary snob), but I definitely do with your writing. I’m happy I delved deeper tonight; good talent is not abundant on WordPress (maybe you should delete that part, lol). Just saying…

    Liked by 1 person

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