Under The Stars

In her glass cabin
she’s way too exposed
always walking around shirtless
in the darkness.
If ever there was
a perfect moment with her
it’s after a couple of drinks
when she starts to laugh
and reveal her truths
that she will most definitely deny.
The girl that sits under stars
preciously guards her feelings.
It’s way easier for sure
to pretend we don’t exist
out-side her glass cabin
where stands on her balcony
throwing the biggest stones ever.
She’s not just lobbing little objects
careful because she has perfect aim
always using a high powered slingshot
where she might just knock you out.
Love cannot escape from her lips
once a year to a single person.
This complicated utopian girl
she’s adopted this certain way
even as her bar is set way overhead
she’s affordable in other ways,
see through in her glass cabin
she’s the only person I know
who has a driving service
taking her from place to place.
It’s not always easy,
she’s not always pretty,
but she is the girl
I choose to love.

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