My Gift to You

Secret January morning
I realized tonight
this might not be our year.
You asked something of me
I had not heard of before
of course I’m here to answer.
Admire the garden with me
pretend you understand my meaning.
Don’t underestimate this chance
I can easily leave things
exactly how we’d left things
long before we met up again tonight
our game board and its pieces
strewn about on an already swept floor.
I’d much rather prefer
being in some dizzying free fall
controlling the vertigo
not on my own anymore.
I can easily use time
filling out pages
in the miles of my diary
that I’ll eventually hand over
for your Royal inspection.
I just hope in the end
you’ll be there hovering
standing at the foot of my bed
telling my boys
stories about their father.
The handsome gentle side
an insecure stranger
not letting many get too close.
Play my favorite song
How Soon is Now.” by Morrissey.
Watch me from your invisible shell
there’s something pretty about you,
this, I’ve long since accepted
the voyeuristic side.
You’ve always been safe
keeping to the shadows.
Fill your pockets with my poems,
God knows I’ve given you enough
to read for a lifetime or more.
In other words,
you’ll always have something
to fall asleep by
to figure out my meaning
My Gift to You.

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