I Dare Not Wake Her

Crawling in next to her
it’s hard to disguise my frame
against her warm back shoulder
careful to keep my cold hands
far from this girl.
The dream girl for sure
she and her secret charms
I’ve not given up on yet.
The world ceases to exist
when she falls asleep first
because in her exclusive world
she has just one chance
of going deeply under.
Slowly her hip shifts
she settles and comes to rest
I place a single cover over her
careful not to touch or disturb.
I’ve been trained well enough
to recognize her sleeping position
this being her one and only chance
she’ll actually ever rest.
I’m careful to pay attention
watching her eyelids flutter
far off and chasing
constantly searching to be loved.
I do all this because
the nights when she cannot rest
she needs a way
to burn her nervous energy.
There on top of a sleepless world
she rides to slay and conquer
getting all saddle sweaty
she rides hard into the night
up until her tiny body
falls forward and collapses.
Mirroring her heavy breathing
she reaches for the iced water
I can hear each individual gulp.
With everything now done and settled
she can finally get her rest
simple names mean more to her
than the stupid pet names
I crave to use with her.
The world has changed
with a quick and easy gesture
I better not wake her.

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