Pray with Me

Praying hands
held in their position
on chipped steps
I’ve been taught words
in order to repeat phrases
it is then and only then
such words become sacred.
So that’s where I begin
how my tradition got started
down on bended knee
I confessed and
took the blame
for an accident.
Time and attention I swore
time takes my attention away
I make my list of words
and ask if you’ll memorize with me.
We can scoop and gather
carrying all our shit
to a different gathering.
We’ll sit instead of kneel
in a candle-lit room.
Together, we will discover
what it means to pray.
Let us define and agree
exactly what rules to obey
as long as we keep and promise
everything stays in bounds
open minds get
heavy rewards.
The next time we meet
maybe our praying position
will sound different
the others will accept us
and adopt our trigger words.
Perhaps one day
this sacred language of ours
taken from palms to wrists
will be the language
used in prayers.

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