There’s truth in the attraction 
that moment when eyes are seen.
There in a gothic vase
there are a grouping of flowers
tied so tightly in the middle
their stems struggle to drink.
Imagine the strong,
sensitive hands
that had to be careful
not to harm the flowers.
The mind that picked each gem
placing them with caution
sometimes girls prefer
sensitive gentle hands
with an eye on the details.
One cannot know
or decipher the reason why
a feeling grows.
To that voice inside
that’s often replaying
a looping song
it won’t leave the mind.
Constantly going over lyrics
only to imagine them happening
deep in your private thoughts
you hear the trigger words.
A strong single attraction
consuming the whole inside.
This is the attraction
that wasn’t supposed to happen.
wearing something different
beauty comes from the inside
a style that takes a lifetime
to achieve and or design.
I am drawn
to her independence,
how she controls the others
speaking her love language
she does not mind
taking on the challenge,
as others depend on her.
She’s a strong powerful force
that demands finite attention
she is the one in a million
I’ve come to cherish
without the use of my words.

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