The Tip Of My Tongue

It’s sometimes too hard
to say exactly where
the girl is coming from
when all I truly know
she sits on the top of my tongue.
Her name is never far
she asked if I’d travel
180 miles south
we’d have one of those nights
the playful kind
that’s no longer allowed
in this day and age.
The kinky side
the girl has this other side
others can’t know about
she and her begging charms
she’s really pretty
down on all fours
wanting pressure
twist the knot
taking air away
she loves the edge.
Limits have been drawn out
in our plug and play
the girl waits
a touch of leather
while the others sleep.
They have no idea
just how naughty
she can truly be
obeying the rules
time and attention
is exclusively hers.

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