Fast Speeds

Balancing need against want
yesterday when I fell in love
there was this side
where I had no real choice
so I sipped and watched her.
She closed the door
I watched her undress
paying special attention
to the one
who has a million different looks.
She’s pretty at any hour,
and I swear,
I’ll wait a lifetime
as she struggles to sleep.
I’m love-sick after all
here against this hour
the sky is threatening
to reveal the jealous sun.
I honestly don’t mind
if the others know the truth
the girl lives inside me
I can recall her voice
at a moments notice
she and her trigger words
playfully touching,
just as we kiss
against a sticky fence
her long hair
clings to the boards.
I can’t help but love her
mascara running down
ruining the hours
it’s taken her
sitting on the counter
feet in the sink bowl
working in the mirror.
Fast speeds,
she smears her lipstick
kissing me hard
making sure to leave a mark.
It was easy falling for her
me and my sensitive mouth
breathing the same air with her
underneath what’s left of this night
I pull her close in to me
she pushes back into me.
I enter her,
she crawls and hooks that foot
need and want mix
we use the last of the darkness
pressed from behind
a heavy hand steering
the other with a fistful of hair
the minutes dissolve
the sky opens up
birds are joyfully singing
oh this is a morning indeed.

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