Caught Up Inside You

This is our hour
I find myself awake with you
underneath a million blinks and sighs
for the first real time
you’ve discovered these words.
Maybe this is the language
that speaks to you
in some different way
I’m willing to teach you
I’ve come all this way
to whisper quietly.
Beautiful spring flowers
are waiting to burst
showing their naked blossoms
they honestly don’t mind
if we stare, just as long,
as we give them
something else in return.
This is why perhaps
I find myself
caught up inside you.
I’m willing to give
whatever it takes
to make nature agree
with my plan for us.
We could advance slowly
Me showing you exactly how
to stand stoic at my side
inch up close to me
take hold of my arm.
I promise to listen
to every guarded word of yours,
just as you tug and pull
to slowly uncover
this secret part in me
that covets and memorizes
every part in you.
I’ve already begun
to take notice
of all the attention
you’ve given Me and my words.
Balancing on an edge
this is our morning,
I can’t wait for you
to awaken and read these words
knowing I can’t stop
thinking of you.

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