A Kiss Perhaps

I can’t help but care to imagine
just exactly the reasons why
there was this first night.
The sound of a starting gun,
triggered that our race was on,
with a thick and heavy smell
gunpowder our memory scent now.
The feline was born and alive
she sprang forward in the shadows
with her sinking claws
all poised to strike.
I dare not move
she’s too dangerous
in this, the radar hour.
She cuts the distance in half
any movement draws attention
the songbirds have gone all quiet
heavy eyes have found their mark.
In a deafening silence
she cornered and captured her prey
the pulsing jugular vein
there for the taking
she sank the first bite
tasting the quickened pulse
an erotic joy of fire
connected us as one.
The light quickly fading
I lay there helpless
ready to accept my fate,
but then came a stunned reversal
she nursed me back
jerking me from the edge.
Eyes locked up into eyes,
she whispered,
“Until next time
My precious pet.”
And just as quickly
as all this got started
the girl and her infectious scent
simply up and vanished
leaving me here exhausted
with two very tiny
pin pricks.

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