A Broken Understanding

Perhaps today was our best moment,
in these sessions of ours,
we move without words.
Unmatched from anything before
I swear, I’ve memorized her tempo
there’s something powerful
coming from deep inside her.
what I love most
her drowning trigger memory.
The world may be changing
some run from their source
thank goodness there are some
who embrace their beauty gene.
Every thought has an outcome,
from the outside
there are sensitive surfaces.
The touch control,
something she’s taught
there’s no need for permission
there are certain places
where a hand is free to grab.
The rush in her feeling,
she begs to move in closer
I promise not to ask,
I’ll grab hold of the moment
inch up super close
whisper her trigger words.
We said we’d wait for night,
it’s no use really,
the girl and her pretty charms
a broken understanding
it’s all too much
this borrowed ache
building between us both.

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