Queen Bee

There from the start
she’ll try anything
to find her way in the hive.
By birthright, she’s the one,
a chosen giver,
there to give us life.
She has her protectors
with one solitary thought
guard the Queen Bee.
Her private army
will swarm to protect her
sworn never to leave her side.
Against all good reason,
she longs to perform
her favorite dance.
With a normal life
keeping her crushed and busy,
there’s more to the hive
set in its darker corners.
The Queen craves time
to be alone and free
allowed to explore.
Perhaps, she’ll be the one
to forcefully guard
applying the pressure
and perform for the others.
For a single day,
maybe she could take a break
get away from us,
to enjoy the sweet flowers.
She just might dare
to move an inch forward,
it could trigger chaos
a heavy swarm for sure
I’m sure she’d look pretty.
Seriously though,
who are we kidding?
The Queen was born
to be in charge,
all coveted and protected
sharing her hive’s honey
with the rest of us
in our envious world.

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