This Platform

Standing on this platform,
I must admit,
I’m impressed by one of you
you’ve read almost every poem.
The hours inside days
I’ve been on your mind
trying to unravel
exactly why all this truly matters.
Just words,
I beg to be different
because I am in love
standing on this platform
looking back at all of you
from all over the world.
The good in all of us,
I appreciate you,
the time and attention
you’ve shown.
I wonder if,
the tables were turned
and I followed every syllable
the dedication you’ve shown
I think I could get lost
in your words too.

I wanted to say thank you for following my poems. I shared with a friend how a number you have read and liked a solid number of poems. It was suggested that I “Pen Pal” anyone that would like to talk. So let’s talk. Thank you for reading the words.


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