And we’re falling
eyes locked up into eyes
the death stare I suppose
through the layers we travel.
Hands reach and grab
in this weightless space
I know you love me,
the pressured feeling
we’re hurtling through time
I find the small of your back
and pull you into me.
We can no longer see
the place we started from,
leapt from really.
Together, entwined and spinning
in this, the controlled chaos
for always and ever
I can see our landing target.
With no time for words
we speak with hands and eyes
simple gestures,
I pull your hair back,
you smile at my last act,
with just seconds left
you twist your tiny fist,
maybe it’s your way
of telling me
you’re never letting go.
I’m jerked awake
to the same repeated dream,
it’s a nightmare really.
It’s never been easy
falling in love with a girl
who’s willing to jump
into this world.

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