Two Lovers

The story begins like this,
on a warm summer’s eve
there was a nervousness
the two lovers kept apart
by the rules of the Kingdom.
Unable to obey anymore
one snuck into the night,
and from the start
the risk of being caught
only added to their excitement.
Oh, but to smell her once again
to hand hold and stare,
standing just under her window
a familiar voice was in the air.
“Is that you my love?”
They froze at their reflections,
thinking, how wonderful this was
to be back in each other’s arms,
the girl on the balcony froze
someone has seen her light.
“Juliette, are you alright?”
She turned and replied,
“I am more than alright!”
She stared down at her stranger
and with the softest of whispers
she instructed her lover
“Hurry and get up here.”
Finally, the two lovers together,
Juliette and Marie.

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