Shooting Star

Tonight the sky shattered,
way up overhead,
there sits a million little parts.
It’s hard to imagine
not being with you,
the one I love the most.
Perhaps the sky shattered on purpose
the twinkling little lights
are there to draw us up,
eyes stare up into eyes
it’s hard here without you.
I know I’ve pushed you away
to create more space.
I know I’m careful
especially where I step
I’m sure you understand
the floor has been swept.
In a thousand different ways
I’ve asked if you wouldn’t ask,
and I know it’s selfish,
but I’ve spent my entire life
trying to convince you
I know myself.
You’re pretty,
in so many different ways
I sometimes catch myself
trying to act like you,
it’s impossible really,
because I can’t be you.
I can only love you
it’s enough to know
tonight the sky shattered
sprinkling a million pinpoints,
as my beautiful reminder
to look up
and make that wish again.

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