Her Nature to Call

There are times,
times like these
when I over think things.
Have you ever wondered
all the things
that have drawn you
to the edge of faith.
Maybe we could
walk together
holding hands in public
letting all the others
be the voyeurs for once,
like how we used to
look in their windows.
I haven’t said I love you,
perhaps my familiar voice
is stuck from saying
how much I’d be ruined
if you pulled away.
There are times,
times like these
when I over think things
and in doing so
I get stuck repeating
the very things
I should of said today.
Late last night you texted
you thought of me,
you know,
when you woke to pee.
I wonder if,
you have any idea
how much I love you.
The girl,
that would grab her phone
on the way to the bathroom
letting me know
I’m her first thought,
before nature calls.

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