From the start,
and up until the end
there are other sides
we haven’t quite managed.
There are changes,
a transfer of challenges
we haven’t quite seen just yet,
we’re too busy to notice
just how quiet
life can truly get.
There’s nothing wrong with
starting from the middle,
there’s still so much more
we haven’t quite seen.
She’s centerfold pretty,
love is a compromised promise
let me break this down for you.
Most can’t commit,
I bet I could
love you better
from those over there.
Tonight with all the stars,
that’s what you promised.
I swear you swore,
if I learned to paint
you’d love every image.
It’s strange
here we are,
stuck in two different worlds
with no room to move,
it’s fucked up
thinking of you there.
You and your beautiful pictures,
don’t forget,
I’m the one who taught you
how to properly set the aperture.
I’m the one who held you,
just slightly out of focus
from the start
and up until the end
there are other stories
we haven’t quite said.
I could go on
showing tiny kisses,
the kind,
we haven’t quite perfected
because we’re still pretty flawed.
Divine intervention
I take the lights away,
you stop sharing images.
Time stops and settles
I last an hour
before I blind you
and you send
a shower photograph.

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